How to replace a camera flash bulb that's shattered inside housing?

Flash Bulb Repair:

Sony α6000 Mirrorless camera w/ 16-50mm lens ILCE-6000L

Product: Sony ILCE-6000

My flash bulb has shattered inside the flash housing. I can see shattered glass rolling around inside the translucent assembly. I spoke with Sony who won't fix the camera for under $300 because it's out of warranty but I found the replacement part online for about $50.

I'm hoping someone might have guidance on how to replace a flash unit on a SONY A6000 or similar mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. The flash is spring loaded and from frequent use I believe the jarring nature of the spring mechanism to be at fault for the internals shattering. Poor design has been a frequent issue with this camera as I have already had it in for repairs in the brief time that I've owned it.

Flash Unit:

Thank you!

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