kernal panic and restrat screen

My issues first started with the gray screen of death. When I start up my computer now I get a restart screen. Currently the is no extra memory or other non factory bare essentials installed. Here is what I have done so far:

- I have done the resets on this machine.

- I cannot connect it remotely holding down the "T" key at start up.

- I have tried starting up using the "C" at start up.

- I have tried starting up using teh "S" at start up and get a kernel panic "holding here" response.

Any ideas?

Any ideas

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Probably a bad hard drive. Did you have a system installation disk in the optical drive when you tried the "C" key? If not put one in and try it. If it works go to Utilities, Disk Utility and see if you can rpair the hard drive. If it does not see the drive then replace it.


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Yes I have the original os 9 installation disk as well as os x. I have tried them both. I was trying to connect it to my g5 tower but it causes the same restart screen on the tower.

i think it might be the hard drive. I took it out and placed it in an external enclosure. when i plugged it up to the mac i got a restart screen and my pc doesn't acknowledge the drive

Try starting from the system 9 disk without the hard drive in. Then put the RAM back in and try it again.

I did that and got a folder with a "?" on it




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