How to improve bluetooth connection

I have a chinese smartwatch, called GV30, I think they all are similar ( so it may be similar to a more common u8 ) . The bluetooth connection is very low and weak, it reaches barely 1 m from phone before disconnecting ! I don't know if it's a manufacturing defect or it's a lack of chinese-made, but i want to improve it. I have no warranty, but I am thinking about to repair myself, maybe improving antenna' s lenght or replacing bluetooth module. What do you recommend me ?

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Hi, I made an incomplete teardown guide for the smartwatch GV30, search it in the guides please, it' s incomplete because I don't want to damage something, I dont know if I found the bluetooth module, but I read also it can be incorporated in the processor mtk6260. If I need to complete the teardown , can you give me some advice please ? Thank you


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It probably only has a Class 3 Bluetooth module in it, (effective range -up to 1 metre dependent on what barriers are in the way).

Putting a longer antenna on will not solve it, because range still depends on the transmission power output of the module.

Replacing it with a Class 2 module (up to 10 metres) might be difficult because you have to find one which :

a) will fit,

b) has the same connections

c) does not draw too much more power from the battery (which it will just to get the increased transmission range you require), as this may compromise the functioning of the other components in the watch,

Here is an table which shows the power specifications of the various Bluetooth classes.

Block Image


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Thank you, there is any way to verify if it is a class 3 or 2 module ? I have doubts it's a class 3 because even if it's Chinese , however it's a smartwatch, and 1m range make it unusable.

Hi, I cannot find information on who makes the watch so that you could ask them. Perhaps the maker's information may be on the documentation that came with the watch.

Alternatively you may have to open the device, locate the Bluetooth chip and read the info printed on it (if there is any) and then try to find out more about it using that information.

There is also this Don't know if it works but if it does may be of some help.

Hi OT03, thanks for that but unfortunately that is not the Class but rather the Bluetooth version used.

jayeff, you are right of course. Thanks for pointing this out. Hard to find any information about those watches. I guess we'll have to wait for the teardown from Essenza Bocciolo

Hi OT03, Given a search online shows the price is <$US30 (incl. postage) I'm not so sure of it having the higher powered Bluetooth module installed. Hopefully something will show with the teardown to indicate one way or the other.



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