Camera Upgrade, swap 630 camera out with a 640's

Hi iFixit,

I have a Lumia 630, I'm finding the phone brilliant apart from the really awful camera (5MP). I was wondering if there was anything to stop me from putting in a camera from a Lumia 640 (8MP)?

As far as I can see they look identical, they both use the same connector for example.

Many thanks!


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99% sure this will not work. You cannot use them across different models if the camera is different. Especially when the megapixels are different. If you can plug it in. Theres nothing stopping you from trying it.

Thanks for the reply!

That was kind of what I was thinking. Out of interest, what would be the thing stopping me from doing it? Is it the surrounding drivers or something more complex?

It will either physically not fit or it will just say camera failed / stuck on black screen on the camera app (in short incompatible camera)

Thanks Ben, that's really helpful to know!