The Acer Aspire One 722 is a diverse netbook that was released in July 2008. The Acer Aspire One 722 is an 11.6 inch netbook that comes in a sleek black or blue color. This netbook weighs in at 1.46 kg, which is the typical weight of a netbook of its size.

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while installing my windows 7

Setup was unable to create a system partition or locate an existing partition?

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What caused you to reinstall windows? (What is the history of this laptop)




You can manually prepare your hard drive:

BIG NOTE: This formats your whole hard drive, don't do this if you haven't backed up your data!

Boot the Windows Installer.

at the first installer screen press shift + F10 to take you to command prompt where you can run diskpart commands

type: diskpart - press ente (to enter diskpart)

type: list disk - press enter (list all connected HDDs)

type: select disk 0 - press enter (assuming disk 0 is the desired disk)

type: clean all - press enter (which will erase entire disk including partitions)

type: create partition primary - press enter (which will make one new primary partition the size of the disk)

type: format fs=ntfs - press enter (which will format the partition with ntfs structure)

type: active - press enter (to mark partition active so boot files can be placed on it)

type: exit - press enter (exit diskpart)

type exit - press enter (exit command prompt)

Continue the Installation.


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