Wi-fi problem off/on and I can't fix it

Hey I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and the wi-fi is turning itself on and off

Someone can help me?

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Hi Yonu

Can you restore the tab to factory settings that may help.

Keep me posted. Thanks


I try this isin t work


Maybe you need to flash new software or it may be the wifi IC. It is hard to say when you don't have the device in your hands to test it. Sorry I could't help and good luck.


Is the same thing with Obtaining WiFi Address


Your problem is that you cannot get the Wi-Fi to stay on all the time, so it maybe a hardware issue. If it is on you can see if your tab can find Wi-Fi points and you can see if can connect, when trying to connect then is obtaining Wi-Fi address. But if you cannot keep it on you cannot see if it get to the point of obtaining Wi-Fi address. I am not sure if you could understand what I am trying to say. Sorry about that