Third generation of the North American Odyssey

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replaced fuel pump and relay switch on 2004 honda odyssey won't start

I got a hole in my fuel tank, fuel tank was replaced and car ran for about a day and a half then shut off while idling in drive thru. They thought it was the pump and it was replaced then the relay switch was replaced. we have checked the fuses and all seems fine what is missing in our diagnostic ?

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Have you replaced the Fuel Filter? Usually the fuel pump is audible for about two seconds when you turn the key to the Acessories (ON) position. Does it make any noise? There should be a purge valve on the fuel rail you can check for pressure at. Is the Check Engine Light on? Just some generic ideas to start with.

no the the fuel filter has not been changed but the only thing that was wrong with the car in the first place was a hole in the bottom of the tank.

Listen for the fuel pump when you turn the vehicle to the "on" position. Then, test the pressure at the fuel rail. The fuel rail is a shiny metal tube near the fuel injectors (one per cylinder) that the hose from the fuel pump hooks on. Somewhere on that tube will be what looks like a tire valve. That is the test port. If you can hear the pump run and stop, but there is no pressure at the fuel rail, then the supply line from the tank is blocked.

Sorry if I am oversimplifying things. I don't know your experience level with cars.


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I have the same problem and I have replaced the pump after pump with no success. Is the filter the issue. When I turn ON, a humming noise is produced. Pump or filter?


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Where's the fuel filter on a 99 Honda Odyssey?


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