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Why does my tablet keep going on and off

What do I do when my tablet comes on and then goes off, and keeps doing that??

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Sounds like you have a boot loop problem as I do as well. If you go to YouTube and type in what your device is and boot loop (example- RCA tablet boot loop) you will get videos on how to try and fix it. I did the same but am still having the problem. Maybe you will have better luck than I. Sorry I could not give you an exact answer.


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That is if you have another device to go to YouTube. Should have put that in the first response. My bad. Good luck!

This can also be caused by a bad battery or a damaged charging port. Give the charging port a really good look under bright lights. Better yet use a magnifying glass. If a magnifying glass isn't available, you can try taking a picture of your charging port with your cellphone and zooming in on the picture to inspect the pins.



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