Needs parts , What type of harddrive and RAM

I have an HP Pavillion ( DV 6125se) and it needs a new hard drive as well as RAM what type of RAM and its capacity ; and what type of hard drive and the range of acceptable sizes,or capacities. Is this model worth upgrading as in Operating Systems it had XP on it and I have had it for years but would like to upgrade to 7 or 10 even.. What do you think?

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For hard drives, they are rather universal. Just use a 2.5" SATA hard drive, commonly known as a laptop hard drive, and you'll be fine. Capacity (space) doesn't affect compatibility until you get over 1TB (1000GB). Pretty much, if it fits it'll work.

I have updated the Model dv6125 se


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Your looking at a rock and a hard place as far as system requirement goes , as @alinorne said in his answer you will be limited to what you will be able to run at one time . You will definitely need the full 2gb of ram your vid card is a shared mem and will draw mem away from other processes when the need is there so online game play will cause you issue. but as for windows 7 or 10 the system requirements are the same so you can run win10 but if you go app crazy you will experience mem problems. There is no question about hard drives definatly go for the ssd and do at least 240gb . Less can lead to storage problems . So in summaryI would go for a 240gb or more ssd 2gb of ram for sure no less . (I would actually try 4gb on the off chance it would work . Definitely won't take more as its only 32bit and is restricted to 3.5gb) I would also try windows 10 and not use the heavy mem apps like cortana. Hope this helps


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I'm concerned about your Max RAM capabilities when it comes time to open Facebook, and Pandora, with Outlook open, etc. - you'll be in virtual memory in no-time with Win7 or Vista; I'd recommend an affordable Solid State hard drive, 120GB or 250GB, combined with 2GB of RAM, and your laptop will be real-world sustainable for the rest of it's days.

EDIT: In summary, I'm recommending an affordable SSD, 2 Gigs of RAM, and Windows 7 Home Prem.


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Just a quick check revealed that max RAM is 2GB. It may not be worth while spending to upgrade, but if you provide the full model number there are 20 versions of dv6000 (none have more than 2GB RAM capability) then will try.


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