The Dell Vostro 1700 is a 17" dual core business laptop released by Dell in November 2007. It contains an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and an Intel GMA X3100 graphics chip.

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Fitting an SSD on Dell laptop

Can you fit a SSD hard-drive to a Dell laptop? What is the process ?

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Yes you can put an SSD into a Vostro 1700. If the images im looking at are correct, you will set the laptop on its lid with the battery pointing away from you. The bottom right panel covers the hard drive bays. The two screws along the bottom edge farthest right will need to be removed. It will expose your hard drive and an empty bay. If you want to replace your hard drive with the SSD, you will transfer the caddy over from the hard drive to the SSD. If you want to add the SSD, you will likely need another caddy and L shaped Power/Sata adpater.

Mind you, if you're replacing the hard drive with the SSD you'll need to clone your hard drive to the SSD, or install Windows onto the SSD.

Hope this helps a bit. Happy repairs!

-Toupee Scalper


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