The Epson WF-2540 is an all-in-one color inkjet printer.

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My ADF is not picking up the paper.

I have an Epson WF-2540 printer with an ADF. I have recently been experiencing problems with the ADF since it is not picking up the documents on the feeder. A message appears on the screen telling me to place the document on the glass scanning top. I purchased this in the first place because I work for a Solicitor and I often have to photo copy lots of legal documents. Photocopying documents singly takes too much time. Can anyone help me. I have contacted Epson but they told me to take it to an Express Epson centre and the nearest one to me is in Bethnal Green London E2 which is too far away for me to travel. I would appreciate any help that anyone can give. I would add that I have checked the device to see if there is any jammed paper but it is free and I cannot see why it is not picking up.

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The following is taken from the User guide and I assume that this pertains to the message you are receiving.

''Note: Depending on the copy settings you select when copying originals placed in the ADF, your

product may instruct you to copy using the scanner glass instead''

These are the specifications for the ADF

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Specifications

Paper input Faceup loading

Paper output Facedown ejection

Paper size US letter, legal, or A4 size

Paper type Plain paper

Paper weight 17 lb (64 g/m2 ) to 24 lb (95 g/m2 )

Sheet feeding capacity Total thickness: 0.12 inch (3 mm)

Approximately 30 sheets (US letter or A4) or 10 sheets (legal)

1. Are the documents that you are trying to copy within the parameters of the ADF especially with regard to weight 64-95gsm and size US, legal, A4 maximum?

It may be that if they are not that the ADF cannot handle them and that is why you are getting the message to use the glass scanner instead

2. Are you loading too many sheets into the feeder (more than 3mm thick)?

3. Have you set the correct paper type, size and copying options. It may be that in those settings there is a parameter that the ADF cannot handle.


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The ADF will not work if photo paper versus plain paper is chosen.


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I have a Epson WF- 2660 with the very same problem. I solved this by changing the following setting in the Scan Area setting from “Auto Cropping” to “Max Area


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