Screen goes black during call

I work at a repair shop and I had a customer bring 2 LG G2s in, both had broken screens. I replaced the screens no problem, rather easy, How ever after replacing the screens, the screens would go black, I tried the piece of paper behind the sensor but that really did not work, its almost as if the sensor cant get near enough to the glass holes. Then I left the back off, had the sensor plugged in, but I put my finger over it and it worked fine when I would cover it and and uncover it.

Well nothing seemed to work when its actually installed in the phone, I even tried with out the little rubber gasket, but there is little black tabs that only let the sensor go so far.. Well I ended up putting the sensor back into the original assembly and I noticed. It is really close to the holes, right where it needs to be.

So this makes me think that the after market screens are not made right, they are slightly off. I cant root the phone as its a customer phone. So I really do not know what to do...I'm worried that if I order a new screen it will be the same and they have been waiting long enough, I even scratched the dark film that covers the lens and it does not matter. Any ideas?

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