iPhone 6 Charger not compatible with 5S replacement charge port?

I just replaced the charge port on a customers 5S, all went well and the phone charged lovely. A few minutes after returning the phone, I received a phone call from the customer saying that it won't charge! He is using an original charger that his wife has just received with her brand new iPhone 6. Has the new iPhone charger become sophisticated enough that it can now detect that an aftermarket charge port isn't genuine Apple? Has anyone else experienced this? I have done many 5S charge ports since the arrival of iPhone 6 and nobody has reported this yet?? "Not supported with this accessory" as though the charger is generic, when in fact it is the charge port?? Is this going to cause us repair people headaches

Update (12/30/2015)

Possible reason: it seems the customers U2 IC is faulty, the phone is experiencing rapid battery drain even with a new battery. His previous battery was stone dead and wouldn't charge (another classic symptom). Is it possible that the faulty U2 is preventing the phone from supporting the generic charge port?? Just a thought :)

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