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black screen and wount turn on.

I have a nextbook tablet. I keep getting a black screen. It will not turn on at all. I will charge it all day and nothing will happen, just a black screen. Can you please help me with this.

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My netbook version 1.0 turns on but the screen is black. I tired to rest it with pressing the power button and the volume up button and it will still do the same thing I do not know what else to do.

I have a next book I plugged it in to charge and now it not turning on. When I plug it in the red light comes on but it still not turning on. I press the power and volume button but still not turning on . What can I do?

I get no color

Still no color


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Try to 'reset' your Tab.

Here is a link which shows you how.


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I tried the "reset" still nothing appears on my screen. I know it's functioning because the keyboard makes the connected disconnect sound and the lights light up when I have it on but the screen remains unresponsive. Any other ideas ?

mine comes on but then goes black what is it

only thing you see is nextbook when it comes on but then the sceen slowly goes black

Fixed my nieces nextbook this way..and it works

My Nextbook tablet 10.1 won't turn on at all this is before i put in a password when they ask for supervisor password what should I do



Press the power button and volume up key at the same time, hold both until logo comes up then release both. This should fix your problem.


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It worked! Was so frustrated, just bought this yesterday and went to use it at lunch while at work and just had the black screen. Even tried accessing it from my laptop, but it could not detect anything. When it is running, the laptop can access it. Very relieved, Thanks!

It Worked! Thank You!!!


After i attempted to reset my tablet using the up volume and the power button,my tablet won't turn on again. I only see nextbook on my screen but then the tablet won't turn on. Please what do i need to do. My email is


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I am having the same issue. Screen went blue. Mouse curse won't even show up on screen.


Could very well be an OS problem. I had a tablet (wasnt a nextbook, some cheap chinese brand) and I charged it overnight, and it did not turn on. This seems to be a thing with tablets..


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Mine is acting just like that. Any advice on what to do?

This is a real old thread but I did eventually get it to start. I did a hard reboot by doing something with the buttons and it started right up.

Real old only being 3 years? lol I'm glad to hear that. Thx. xD



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