Not powering on after 'good' self-repair

I have a late 2011 13” MacBook Pro that has seen better days… Back in 2012 I spilled beer into the keyboard, however after using isopropyl alcohol to give everyone a once over, it was brought back to life. Then in 2013 I left my laptop in a car at the airport whilst on holiday, returned and it would not seem to power on, take charge etc. Gave it a clean, this time no luck. Took to apple store who had a brief look despite being out of warranty, and said they believed there was an issue with the logic board. Needing a mac for uni/college/work I bought another macbook pro, as the hassle of getting the other fixed was too much at the time.

Decided to get the old one out again as I now need an extra workstation. Gave everything a clean with the alcohol again and dismantled every part of the logic board, cleaning off a small area of corrosion (near the MagSafe connection) I must have previously missed.

It worked! Ran hardware diagnostics test (quick test) > no problems detected. Started up all ok. Worked fine for the past month or so under heavy workload, all ok :)

Give it to other half to use Word (No other programs accessed) she saves and shuts the lid to sleep. She opens it today and now nothing will work. Not sure if the the power was drained by sleeping but neither Apple's official SMC reset instructions, nor the one method that was fool-proof in rebooting the mac previously (below) now work:

MacBookPro does not power up on AC power or battery.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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