Released July 2012 by Fuhu, Inc. Model Number: NABI2-NV7A.

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Won't take a charge

Have been charging battery for 3 days. Turn tablet on a nabi shows on screen the pic of battery with only low percentage of red showing on lower end of battery pic. Please help trying to get fixed for granddaughter.

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I am finding that I am having the same problem, If there is anyone reading this...

I bought the chinese USB cord from the smaller connector on the right bottom on for about $3.00 thinking that it would be nice to help the chinese industry but now I am stuck figuring out if this charger doesnt work or if this nabi needs only charger while charged by the small connector like YOUTUBE says.

I am trying to avoid the middle man I know.

But i was given this to me as a gift so am taking a small advantage to learn.

I am avoiding going to Best Buy or TigerDirect.

Tablet charge ho rha he lekin on nh ho rha

The problem is simple. Its a very poor design of the charging plug and socket. Poor connection. This photo shows the solution:

My nabi has not been turned on in years and I try charging it but it won’t work

Shaveh bryant and other having charging problems with nabi2,check out this video, i done it on both mine, no more charging problems.......


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Your power adapter/charger may be faulty. Try this method and see if your Nabi starts to charge.

Pull out the cable from the power adapter, plug it into a USB port of your turned on computer, then plug the charging tip into the Nabi tablet. If it starts to charge your adapter is faulty and should be replaced..

If this method doesn't work it could be either that the cable, the charging port in the Nabi or the battery in the Nabi is faulty.


This method will take longer to charge the Nabi than a power adapter. Please allow it to charge for several hours.

You cannot use a standard mini USB to USB cable to charge the Nabi, because it only charges via the Power Charger port and not the mini USB port.


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The Nabi Tablet wont even come on, or charge doing this method

Maybe it may work

it sounds like it will work. mine, the battery will light up but after several hours wont turn on or charge. im not sure what to do ab it anymore

I got my nabi in 2012 as a Christmas gift and I lost the charger and now it's 2017 and I got a new charger but when I charge it it keeps changing the battery icon to red then green then red again and it's been charging for 2 days straight....I need help.


We've been through 3 Nabis, every single one had this problemon, and all died within a year of being bought. Nabi was zero help, and I refuse to every buy another. Their products are garbage. We tried everything. It's the tablets. Won't charge, no matter what we tried. Nabi support just said to keep trying new cords


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I feel the same way. This is number 3 for me too. I'm here researching tablets for kids that hold a charge. If you found a good option, please share!


The first thing you need to do is to check your cable or connector, also your nabi's charger port; make sure it's cleaned. You may also try to use another charger, cable/connector or adapter; maybe it's already damaged or not fully compatible with your tablet. Another suggestion try to check or use another power outlet. If still none of these basic solutions helps your tablet to charge, you may directly contact an authorized Nabi support center or repair shop. Good luck!


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you need a 5v-2amp power supply or it doesnt charge right



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