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How to reprogram the U601_RF baseband ic?

Hi to everybody, i have a question and like the title, i want to know how to reprogram the U601_RF ic on the iphone 5, because, im about to change mine because it has physical damage, and its blinking to me "error 16", i have heard than i have to insert the serial number of my device on the ic to be paired with the baseband main chip, others tell me about i have to change U4 (Nand Flash) U501_RF (Baseband main chip) and U601_RF to have a successful repair... and others tell me about its not necessary to do anything... just replace it and restore the iPhone, because its a programmable ic, and the U501_RF programs it in the restore... i heard all this theory's but i don't have any proof of this... so... i want to know this 3 things

- I need to reprogram it?

- How i can do it?

- Anybody have do this repair yet? (not for iCloud hardware removal, only for solve error 16 from physical damage in the ic, before i have the error, the phone turns on normally but it doesn't gave signal, after i decided to restore and it gives me that error)

Thanks to everybody for any response, i want to solve my problem and discuss about this theme.

PD: im going to do the ic replacement when it arrives, and in that moment i will know the truth, but this post its for know about if i have to order any other thing, and again... discuss this enigmatic theme!


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I dunno. But I wanna know

What ever became of this? I can assume that it didn't work. Any details worth mentioning?


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The entire baseband subsystem is impossible to reprogram. It is possible to copy or repair the content on U601_RF, however it requires the U601_RF to be intact. The baseband main chip has its own boot chain so it may be possible to boot it and restore its own data into U601_RF. I haven't seen any successful repairs though.

So my suggestion is try with a new U601_RF, if not working, replace U601_RF and U501_RF as a set, then use the factory tool to rewrite U4 to match new IMEI. Probably too difficult and too expensive so just replace the logic board or give up altogether.


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well, i will change it and post the results here, im going to do it this weekend! i hope it works. Thanks!

hello i have nand programmer and i want to know hot to pair the serial number to imei?


Baseband IC programmer is available


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Don't bother is not going to work!


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why? please post your reasons... thanks!

From experience my friend is impossible you will need to reprogram it and you dont have the right tools. Your going to waste your time doing it.

Have you even try to Remove the battery and put the iphone in dfu mode and restore it? What error did you get?

i haven't tried it yet, because the ic has a huge crack in a corner, so its has physical damage, and i get error 16... who its exactly bad hardware, but.. if you think than i have to do that method i can do it without problems... and really, please tell me more about that tool, because i already heard about it, but and i doesn't know too much, please tell me more, and i can learn... im the only one (really), person who do component level repair in Caracas, Venezuela... please tell me more




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