Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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very strange battery and ac behavior: won't charge/no led on magsafe

I just picked up this MacBook, and it looks like it saw some liquid. I had to replace the trackpad cable, but everything else seems to be fine, except:

the battery/charging system. it's driving me crazy.

the MacBook works perfectly off of a battery, but it won't charge a battery.

the MacBook works perfectly off of the ac adapter with no battery installed.

when a battery is installed, I connect the magsafe and it does NOT illuminate.

I have tried four separate batteries (known working) and three different magsafes.

when I install a known working, but discharged battery:

it will not power on, even when magsafe connected. magsafe will not illuminate

when I disconnect that battery, it boots from AC just fine with a solid green light

when I install a charged battery, and connect the magsafe and boot:

MacBook boots fine, works off of battery, but reports no AC power

I have replaced the DC in board, and the battery sensor. battery sensor lights are working fine, reporting various charge states of my different test batteries.

I have reset PRAM, and swapped in a different hard drive with 10.11 installed. I cannot seem to reset the SMC with this situation... I've tried with battery, but I get no magsafe lights to confirm reset. I've tried without battery, but the magsafe never indicates SMC reset.

while typing this, I glanced over and saw an orange LED on the magsafe, while a battery is installed. awesome. I watched the battery go from 90% to 94%, then yanked the magsafe. I cannot duplicate the charging.

is it time to part this bad boy out?

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Sadly, you have a logic board problem here. The Charging/SMC logic was damaged from what was spilled into the system.

This repair requires some deeper skills working with SMT and diagnosing down at the component level.

I would leave this for someone who does it for a living or bring it into an Apple authorized service center for repair (Apple doesn't work on liquid damaged systems).

The other option here is replacing the logic board which is something you could do.

If the system is in good working order otherwise, I think its worth repairing Vs junking it.


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that was my assumption as I began writing this up, that the logic board was faulty. one thing I don't understand is how the logic board can work sometimes and not work others. I feel like that should either work or not work, end of story.

I fussed with it last night, and got it to charge (orange light) to 100% and I woke up to a green light with %100.

i'm handy enough and have a precision soldering iron, a hot air station, and all the rest of the equipment to execute a component level repair, I just don't know how to troubleshoot/identify the cause of the issue.

is there a resource for working on logic boards?

I know apple just replaces parts.


There are a few sources for schematics online. The best way here is just google it.

I must need to take a class on google, because i'm not finding anything useful. more likely, I need to take a class on electrical engineering.



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