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Battery does not charge after change


i replaced the battery of my iphone 4s. no problem during the replacement process.

After plugging it in again its only showing the battery with 3 small stripes. There is no charging process or other icons like the lightning.

Block Image

Can someone help me please?

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David, of course you want to double check your work first. After that replace the new battery and see if the old will charge. It is possible that you have a bad battery. The standard way to check will be trying to charge with a different charger (use a wall charger not your computer to ensure a higher amperage) and make sure that you have a known-good cable. Check the dock connector for any broken bend or corroded pins. Clean it with some isopropyl alcohol and a few puffs of compressed air. If all that should fail, you will have to check the charging circuitry on the board. There is always a possibility of pry damage to some small component.


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the bad thing is that i damaged the original battery... so i can not test it..

i also tried several chargers. before the change everything worked well.

I hope its only the battery so I ordered another one and i will try in on monday ..

thank you for your help!



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