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There is bleeding/blotch in the LCD after screen replacement

I had my digitizer replaced when it shattered. The lcd wasn't affected as it was a light crack that grew into spider web, however after the replacement, I noticed this small bleeding in the LCD that wasn't there before, so I went and ask the technician about it and he explained it to me that it was normal to have it because of the shattered digitizer. I don't believe him though, but I won't ask him to fix it again for me as I already went back two times first due to the malfunctioning digitizer he first used, second is this, so I'm a bit afraid that the technician will just ruin my iPad. Is there anyway that this can be fixed, or should I get my lcd replaced? PIC

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This is typically caused by overheating the LCD when removing the digitizer. Heat is needed to remove the glass in the first place but if too much heat is applied in an area for an extended period of time it can cause burn marks or blotching in the LCD


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