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Does anyone know how to open up this case?

I've got a G-Tech G-Drive Mobile USB 3, and the USB connector port has broken clean off the circuit board inside the unit. I've got a replacement drive and I've got SATA to USB cables to transfer the data off the internal drive. Problem is that there are no screws on this casing! I've got a putty knife and various soft and hard pryers and spreaders, but before I go hacking at the case I was hoping one of you fine folk might have already had at one and can give any pointers as the best and least destructive way to get to the internal drive??

Many thanks!!

Block Image

Block Image

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Hey, how did you get on with this?

Same issue here, did you manage to get the case off?

same issue here! and it's brand new. how do i get the data off!?

Its pretty easy to take apart. Just used a letter opener to pry off the plastic ring around the housing. If the USB is what was damaged, your data is safe! The hard drive inside the housing converts Sata to USB and your Sata connection is almost certainly undamaged.

Same issue. So it's a ring, not a lid? The black band is a separate part? I'm having trouble figuring out how to hold on to it in order to pry the ring off.



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Sorry I missed this question.

Check out this tear down video and see if I got the correct drive:


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no not even.

This other video looks closer to the OP:

That gave me courage to tear into my GDrive mobile case. The "ring" is pretty beefy plastic, with "reverse clips"holding the tops and bottoms on with 10 slots around the edge of the bottom shell. (2 slots at each end and 3 slots on the sides.) Scratched up my enclosure a bit getting it open. Now I can't figure out how to get the drive out. Is it glued or taped?



I found this question while I was looking for an answer for the same drive you have a USB 3 GDRIVE mobile. I got mine open by using a couple of plastic knives from Wendys restaurant. I forced the tip of the knife between the edge and the bottom cover. Start on one of the long sides near the corner on the USB end of the drive case. Those two corners don't have catches and will be the easier to get it started opening. Once you get it started keep working your plastic knives around the sides working them loose. Really none of the corners have catches but the two on the USB end have a larger area without catches.

Hope this helps! You could use s spudger, but I have lots of plastic knives and I wanted to possible reuse the case it the circuit board is still good.



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Ok now that I have the bottom off, I found that the drive is held in there by screws in the side of the drive and the edge has little cups that the screws fit into. It is holding it really solidly. I also used the plastic knives the pry the edge out so it released the drive. It is a real pain! But thats how I got the drive out of the case.

I created an account just to say thank you, man. This is the real answer and I hope you get credit for it.



have the same problem, this may be silly, but what do you do once you prised the case open to get access to the drive?



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Good question, you can buy a sata to USB adapter. Then plug it into your computer and remove the data off the drive.


Here's a picture of the inside of my GDrive Slim Mobile case. Note the reverse clips around the edge.

Block Image


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