Won't power on when pshing power button

I checked this unit. It would not power on at all. When plug in power supply the small green light on mb comes on. I tried a known good ps but still no go. I next disconnected all connectors except power button. No go. I then tried different ram, again no go. I ordered a new mb. No go. Ordered a new processor. No go. I am at a loss what else it could be. I thought it might be the power switch but I can't seem to locate one. The part number is "DANZ2PI16DO". If there is another way to turn this machine on besides the power switch please let me know.

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Is there any way that you can simulate "Power start"? By that I mean how many wires come from the power button to the motherboard. If there are only two (hopefully) can you just momentarily short out where they connect onto the mobo and see if it starts. Have no idea what it looks like so if it is a ribbon connection I appreciate that it might be difficult. I have also read online that you should be able to start using the remote control? Also found this "The HP part number for the Power Button Board is #625223-001."


did you ever get this problem resolved?