The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone with eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and a wireless charging option.

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Mic failure after charging port replacement

Hi Guys, this is the second time this has happened to me, I changed the charging port on a Galaxy s3 i9300 which went well, I re-soldered a new charging port onto the mother board using my scope and checked visually and with my meter to ensure there were no shorts between the contacts, tested the phones functions and everything worked perfectly. However; within 24h the client has informed me the mic has stopped working and during calls the other person can't hear them speaking. I've seen this happen before and can see on various forums that this is common issue, but haven't found an explication as the why this would happen or what has caused this?

My suspicion is that somehow I've damaged an ic chip during the removal of the charging port..

Any help or advise would be much appreciated or some links to where I could find some circuit diagrams so I could do some fault checking..

Thanks in advance



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Well guys.. It wasn't the ic chip.. After replacing the mic a third time I still had no sound, but if you blew across the mic it you could hear the wind, but still wouldn't pick up sound from voice which me think the it was a faulty mic, so I replaced it a fourth time ensuring that the board was at the melting point of the solder just before placing the mic, and a very quick blast of heat fixed the mic in place.. and this time it worked!! So turns out that the mic's are very sensitive to too much heat and possibly flux as well..

Thanks for you advise guys, much appreciated


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It's probably the mic itself. The mic is very close to the charging port so it's possible that you damaged it when you replaced the charging port. Just replace the mic and you'll be good.


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Thanks Jim.. Unfortunately this didn't work on this occasion.. I believe the issue was caused through a combination of my inexperience of the repair and maybe cheap charging ports from eBay.. after inspecting the port it appears to have melted and created a short internally, I believe causing damage to one of the chips on the board.. I have improved my method of repair now and still have this phone as I replaced the clients phone and intend to swap the various chips to see if it can be fixed.. fingers crossed I don't destroy any other components on the board.. :)


well!! u need to be carefull when u replacing the mic our usb port on s3 or chager port dont use more then

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