Apple发布于2012年9月12日的第六代iPhone,维修时与前代型号一样,需要螺丝刀和撬棒。iPhone 5以多种版本销售:通讯制式有GSM/CDMA;存储容量有16/32/64G;颜色有黑/白。

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I got error 47 iTunes


After a new restore and screen remplacement, my iPhone is working perfectly but I must activate it. I have tried to activate it but with no success so I've tried to restore it in iOS 9.0.2, When I come to the (Restoration of the internal program) my iPhone blocks in the apple logo with the bar in 3/4 of the percentage... After 3-4 minutes iTunes says Error 47 ! So I hope you help me with this issue.

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Here is the exact problem as me :

I also have this issue, the phone seemed fine but it was stuck searching for network, I erased all content and settings but I then couldn't activate the phone (still searching for network), so I thought I'd try a restore and try activating through iTunes, It is now stuck in restore mode and repeatedly giving me error 47, whatever the problem is wasn't causing too much grief before I tried to restore it so messed up now, fails everytime installing the firmware and I'm clueless as to what the problem is

June 6 by Itchy ///////////////FOUND IN : How to fix Error 47

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Didn't somebody ask about this recently...

Error 47

it you have Error 47 it a hardware problem with baseband Check your imei or Baseband

You can also try putting it into dfu and doing a restore from a backup


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It's not a Logic Board Problem because it was running normally before I've tried to restore it. few seconds ago !

Didn't say it was a hardware problem

Er logic board probelm. Whatever. Check your baseband. Or don't, either way

How to check the baseband ?

Try this stuff



In the iTunes Update Log, I've ramrod error 1004 // and something with Baseband


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This happens after I've changed the iSight cam, if I remove it can this error fix ! and also, when I've tried iReb to kick out the iPhone from recovery mode it's showing me the apple logo for 20secs after it's shutdown immediately ! (When I've opened the iPhone for the first time, I've found that the battery was removed alone ! Can it be the battery ?)


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software no solve error 47 iphone 5


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iphone 5 error 47 software not solve



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