Power Button Broken Can't Turn On

My Alcatel One Touch power button broke completely; and my phone died which made the situation worst. I tried so many different ways to turn it back on. I put it in charge it was fully charged, but didn't open. I tried to hard reset it but the power button is needed to select; so now every time i put it in charge if it has enough charge it will bring me back to the rest options. I just need a way to turn it on, then I will just download an app to use my volume button as my power button. Does anybody know a way for me to turn this on without the power button.

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How u fix it?


Looking at the teardown Alcatel One Touch Fierce Teardown you can see in step 8 that the power switch is soldered to the main board which may make it difficult to replace. It can still be done however, but you'll most likely want to have someone able to perform the soldering if you are unfamiliar with the process yourself.