Model A1237 or A1304 / 1.6, 1.8, 1.86, or 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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White Screen With Coloured Lines


I recently got a Macbook Air A1237 from a customer with broken hinges, lcd cable worn (where hinges damaged) and when booting, it shows a white screen, then coloured lines fade in. I have used a micro DVI cable to output the video, so it seems the GPU is fine.

I have tried a new LCD, LCD cable but it still has the same issue (frustrating). The LCD connector looks fine and I have also tried PRAM and SMC reset to no avail.

I have noticed some burned components and traces on the back of the board (I will try to attach a picture) which could be the cause, but I am unsure of this. I have replaced fuses and connectors on other models before, but I am not sure which ones these would be, and if it would be the cause of the issue. All three of the components look burned, but the middle has not got a readout, and seems the worst.

Block Image

(sorry for bad image, I have circled burnt components

I now regret getting this machine in (PITA to work on), and I am hoping to resolve this for my very patient customer. Any help appreciated :)

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Reece, it's possible. Not sure why you picked those filters, but L9008 would be on top of list of suspects of those three. This answer is only to tell you about the filters, not about diagnosing your error.

Block Image

Reference designator L9004 is a 120Ohm 1.5A filter bead in a 0402 package

Reference designator L9005 is a 120Ohm 1.5A filter bead in a 0402 package

Reference designator L9008 is a 120 Ohm 0.3A EMI filter in a 0402 package.

On L9004 you should get 3.3V, on L9005 5 volt and on L9008 3.3volt


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Thanks for your quick response. I picked the filters out because they look burnt on the left side, and L9004 is not reading 3.3V on the burnt side. Do you know what these filters do, if they would cause this issue?

I am at a bit of a loss because the Macbook had loose hinges, frayed LCD cable and lines on the LCD, so I was assuming it would at most need all of this replacing, as it seemed like a pretty straightforward problem (customer said it was working over time when hinges were loose, then picture gradually became yellow, then lines). I am not sure why the filters could be affected by this.

Thanks for the descriptions of the components, I may order all three to replace them, unless you do not think these would cause issues with the display. The rest of the board looks ok, I am not sure whether it is worth me putting in the extra time (as well as having spent £90 in parts) to find out it does not fix it. You seem very experienced and I appreciate your time, thanks for the advice.



Replaced reference designator L9004 and this resolved the issue with the picture, and the Macbook is now fully functional. Hope this helps anyone with the same problem!

One solder point was partially burnt, but with the new component it is working fine. Have a happy customer now, thanks for the help oldturkey03!

Hallo everybody,

I Have the same problem but I have all 3 reference designator broken.

With multimeter I checked all and I have 0V, 0V and 1,2V. Also one point is burned.

I searched on internet but I haven't found any replacement.

Could someone give an advise to buy or find somewhere this chips?

Thank you very much for help




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