Why won't my MacBook turn on?

bought a new 85w charger to wake up the completely dead battery on my macbook pro. I did get to start it again and fully charge the battery and the indicators are showing full level. I have tried smc reset and the light on the charger replied with an green light when i did this. Also tried to hold the power button for 10 sek then plug the charger and hold for another 10 sek. Feel like i have tried everything. I have cleaned the motherboard as well. And I don't find any breaks or marks on that eigther.

It also sticks to the story that I havemt used this macbook for a year. Because it was spilled water on it then. But the day that happened I dryed it and used it to the battery loaded out.

After that, the mac didn't wanted to take charging.

So now, a year later i have changed the magsafe port and managed to fully charge the battery. But now i'm stuck.

Is there som more tips and tricks to try?

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