Black and silver single cup coffee maker with water reservoir on the left hand side. K40/K45.

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The water coffee just dribbles out

I cleaned my brewer with white vinegar and used the paperclip trick. The water comes out nicely when there is no K-Cup or if I use the cup that you put your own coffee in. When I use a K-Cup, the water coffee just dribbles out. It's got to be related to that tube and how the coffee exits the basket when the K-Cup is in there, but I just can't figure out what the problem is...

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Dump the Kuerig and buy a different coffee maker.. Ive had 3 Kuerigs and they all quit. Waste of money...Im done with Kuerig.


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Lyn F, clean both the upper and lower needle valve. See if this guide helps you out


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Great instruction. I had previous relative success in clearing our K40 with OEM descaling steps plus blowing out the needles with a handheld air canister. When it now developed seemingly incurable enlarged prostrate dribbles, your solution worked like a charm!

Now if I could just do this with my prostate all would be happy ;-)

I made an account just to say thank you!

@mattbryant44 thank you for doing that. It is greatly appreciated. Welcome to iFixit.

Awesome guide, it helped us get our Keurig back to performing optimally and thus saved many lives at the office! :-)



After conducting all recommended cleaning procedures i still had a very slow drip rate, I found a small piece of plastic in the bottom K-Cup needle punch shaft, ( it was plasic from a K-Cup). It was very difficult to see, I had to remove the K- Cup holder and using a flash light to enhance visability of the punch shaft hole and needle area. I seen a small white piece of plastic in the shaft. I took a sewing needle and carfully removed the piece of plastic K-Cup from the punch shaft. I have had coffee grounds in the upper punch shaft that interfered with proper flow. This was the first time the bottom punch was the guilty party. After removing the debris from the shaft, my 3 year old Keurig 2.0 ran like i just pulled it out of the box. Reading Keurig issues on this site has helped me resolve my problem. I wanted to pass this experience on, in the event it may help others. Coffee grounds and calcium build up are not the only flow obstructions you may come across.


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No coffee com s out only water and have done ALL STEPS


Our three year old Keurig suddenly started to run very slowly and produce only a partial cup of coffee. I tried all of the recommended fixes, even taking the upper check valve out and soaking it in vinegar. Cleaned all the needles and outlets with no success. We bit the bullet and bought a new Keurig and… it ran exactly the same way. I then remembered one person commenting online that there was a problem with her K-cup. I purchased a 12 pack of Green Mountain K-cups, reasoning that since Green Mountain is the parent of Keurig they should know how to make good K-cups. It worked!!! Flow was fast and the quantity of coffee was as expected.

The problem started at the same time we purchased an order of Donut House K-cups online. Same brand that we have used for a couple of years. I believe the paper filter in their K-cups is now more restrictive as there is a large amount of liquid left in the used K-cup. So now we use the same K-cup for two passes on the Keurig. Usually two identical medium size settings work best. Still have to use up over 200 of the faulty Donut House K-cups and when gone no more.

== Problem may be with the K-cup''


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The article above solved my issue. I never realized there was an opening in the bottom needle..turns out i had coffee grounds in it. Once I cleaned it out (with a paper clip)_ coffee brewed normally. TY.


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