Wireless controller for the Xbox 360

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Why is my Xbox 360 PC wireless controller stuck on player 2?

my Xbox 360 PC wireless controller is stuck on player 2, sometimes player 3. It used to be on player 1 , but now I cant use it, I checked drivers, removed some usb drivers, checked device and printers... but still it displays the player 2 light. :(

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I solved the same issue, at least for me. If you have any game streaming service (Such as Kinoi Streamer or the like) Remove it!!! That auto assigns itself to player 1, thus defaulting your controller to player 2! I Uninstalled it, and my controller defaulted to player 1 again!


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Yup, that's what it was for me. You rock man.

That was exactly it! Thanks dude!

i tried doing the drivers thing for about a week straight and was baffled, i wish i had found this answer sooner. it worked pretty much /instantly/

yes that what is was for me thanks you nicky ! :d

Wow! Thanks man!



Carlos Daniel, I'd start by trying to resync the controller. Check on here Should it still do this after, try a different controller. This will determine if the controller is sending wrong signals or the receiver board is failing. some of it will depend on which version Windows you are using.


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I guess another wire controller is connected to your PC. It is defined as player 1. That's why your controller stuck on player 2.


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Did not work.

Windows 10, all game controllers default to player 2.

Tried restarting,

uplugging and restarting,

deleting drivers and restarting,

removing al streaming software, deleting drivers, and restarting,

still the controller will not work.


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Ok, it does work, it just doesn't look like it would.

The player two LED lights up, but when I turn on a game it allows me to play it with the controller.

I guess as long as I don't look at my mouse while the game is on, I should be fine.

Thanks guys.



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