The first generation Nvidia Shield Tablet released in July 2014. This device is often used for gaming, and has Wi-Fi and LTE capabilities.

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Where can I get a replacement battery for my NVidia Shield tablet?

I was told by NVidia customer support that I did not need to send my recalled tablet back. So, I'm looking to replace it's dangerous battery with a safe one. However, I cannot find out the model of the needed replacement battery, nor do I know where to get one. Can you help me out?

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Hi, got the same problem. :(

Now I got two shield tablets, one with a really bad bad battery and one completely new and NVidia also told me to dispose of the "broken" one.

I found this while searching for an adequate battery:

That guy opens it up and also shows a comparison between original and replacement.

And further research told me that getting the "original" battery is impossible but a replacement "as close as possible" is very well, possible.

The replacement I found is a little "weaker" in capacity and also a little bit smaller (by mm's) but still better than a "soon to explode" one.

It goes by the name "LG L238" or sometimes "Lenovo L238" (150x64x3,5mm 5000 mAh) - 3564150.

I found three resellers on aliexpress... I don't know their credibility... anyway here are the links:

Keep in mind, you will have to solder the original batteries loading circuitry to the replacement battery.

I haven't done this myself yet because I'm hesitant to purchase from aliexpress since I have NOOO experience with them.

I'm still looking around if I can find a local supplier with acceptable prices (not 50€+).

Hope I could shine a little light at the end of the dark tunnel... maybe ifixit has more knowledge for a fitting replacement battery and suppliers. :(


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I've received a battery from aliexpress now but have not started soldering anything yet.

I'm uncertain what to solder where to be honest, any tips? :)

Hi, I already swapped my battery with one from aliexpress.

You don't need to unsolder the loading pcb from the tablet's pcb (black, red, green and white) BECAUSE, you need that very same loading board or otherwise it will only boot up to shutdown immediately.

INSTEAD, remove the black fabric where those wires go into the battery, then unsolder the cell itself from the loading board. (NOTE THE POLARITY!)

Now check your battery if it came with a loading board, if it came with one, remove that one, you only need the pure cell.

Next step, solder 2 wires where the metal tabs of the battery cell were soldered formerly and connect those 2 wires to the metal tabs of your new cell. (WATCH OUT AND MATCH THE POLARITY CORRECTLY!!!!!)

Before reassembling the tablet, connect your usb charger to the tablet and let it load for 30 sec to one minute.

This resets the IC on the loading board and you can boot up afterwards.

The loading board has a serial number IC onboard, that's why others don't work right out of the box.

HAs anyone been left with an operational device after the battery replacement


Hello Gabe,

A bad battery is a common issue in electronic devices such as the Nvidia Shield Tablet. That's why we created a battery replacement guide. Please check the Troubleshooting Page before you begin fixing, maybe the solution is simpler than replacing the battery.


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Some more details on the question:

nVidia issued a recall for defect/dangerous batteries. However in some cases, they send the new tablet, without asking the old one in return.

Logically, replacing the battery would solve the problem and then you'd have 2 tablets! :)

@ Gabe: careful, the old tablet will get remotely killed/bricked unless you fiddle with the system. Good luck!


Hi. Changed my battery in february this year (only the cell) and tablet is working fine.


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Where did you find a replacement battery?


where can I find an Nvidia Shield replacement battery


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Aliexpress or the warehouse of your choice.

You'll have to look out for the dimensions.

The size code for an adequate replacement look like this 3564150

3,5mm 64mm 150mm -> thus 3564150

Everything in that size or smaller is ok. A little bit thicker batter (max 4mm) should also work.

The total size of the original battery was: 3,5mm 74mm 152mm (yoku modell)

Size code 3574152 about 5200mah (the boku have a little less, 5100mah)

So anything fitting into that size with 3,7V is fine. You should aim for 5000mah or higher... because the crappy chinese batteries don't really have that capacity.

Here is an example battery, you don't need to buy exactly that one:


I've tried to remove this battery, and it's stuck tight. I'm afraid to bend it and don't want it blowing up on me. How much can the battery bend? I swear the sticky glue they used is really tough.


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I found a battery that will work just type 1 3.7V 8000 mAh Polymer Li Lipo Battery GPS PSP PDA ipod DVD Tablet PC7565121 into eBay search bar. It won't let me post links for some reason


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I wont work, the height is over.

This is 7mm thick. Too thick perhaps, has anyone tested the fit?

i will test a thinner battery



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