Fixed my water damage cant ring out or in HELP please

I fixed my water damage iphone 5s and put new usb port in and another logic board as the orignal has chips bent on lcd chip plug on logic board but dont know were to get fixed,anyway i bought a donor phone and used the logic board and i cant make calls out or in but can facetime and imessage but just checked to turn caller id on and it loads then gos off and the same with call forewarding it wont turn on.can anyone help me with this as i had my sim from iphone 4s but its virgin and it breaks into a nano sim and it comes up as virgin with a signal but i have ordered a new nano from them but im thinking this might have been a foreign phone or something still needs fixing inside im at a loss as wifi is fine everything apart from what i stated. I press call on contacts and it go back to the contact sometimes it has gone and said calling but it beeps 3 times then back,so im hoping someone can help me and put me on to the right path plus get the motherboard lcd plug in chip fixed and a price if anyone can help then o can use orignal logic board thanks in advance.coco

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