What Do I Do To Get My Phone Turn On?

My Alcatel 4030D Doesnt Turn on. I've Like No Idea About What's Really Wrong With It. I Tried Charging it for 2 whole days and its still so stuborn that it doesn't budge to turn on. The last time i used it.. i guess there was some problem with the power button cause when i tried pressing the power buttton but the screen wouldn't turn on and then i had to put the phone for chargin so that the screen turns on by itself... and it did.. and i used the same technique the whole day ... At night before i went to sleep i turned off my phone by taking off the battery. Morning when i tried to turn in on, it doesn't turn on... When i keep the phone for charging, the light comes n the words 'charging' appear. But it just doesnt turn on. I've got some very important contacts of mine which were saved to the phone and now i have no ways of recovering it and also i have some important messages on whatsapp that i have to reply to. This phone isnt that important to me but the data on this is like my contacts and several whatsapp messages. Hope somebody could help me with this.




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