Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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Water Damage: Wifi, sound and Power button issues?

Hi everybody!

My girlfriend had her iPhone 3Gs white watered when she took a speed boat...

I dried it and after reading some threads here (thank you ifixit) I opened it and cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol.

The phone works fine except the power button the audio jack and the wifi.

The power button doesn't work at all but when I turn on the phone (by plugging it with a wall charger) the "slide to power off' bar appears so I think it's like if the button was always pushed down...

The audio jack has a similar problem I think it's like if it was always a earphone plugged in it. I have sound on earphone but not with the speaker except when sb calls me.

I think the best way to fix these 2 problems is to buy a new "iPhone 3GS Headphone Audio Jack Ribbon Flex Cable?? And are the 3Gs one and the 3G the same??

The third problem is that the wifi is grayed out (no wifi). I searched on internet and I found that a fix is to reset the network settings, I tried it and it worked once. But the day after I've the wifi grayed again and when I try to reset the phone shut down and I had to plug the charger to turn it on and the wifi is still grayed out.

I read every thread about wifi on ifixit and it seems to be a bad problem... I don't think that changing the wifi antenna (connector number 6) will fix this issue?? You think it's a problem of the mainboard??

Thank you for any advice or suggestion :)

(Sorry for my english)

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i think that the headphone jack assembly will fix the problem with the audio jack and the power button - but i would check the assembly again before replacing. it's possible that the connector is still shorted.

i never had the wifi issue. but since it started with the fluid damage - i would check the surrounding parts of the wifi chip and the antenna connectors too


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Thank you for you answer.

I'll check everything againl. My alcohol is only 70% I see on other threads that you recommend to use >90% alcohol is there a real difference?

And is the jack assembly for the 3G and 3Gs the same? My BIL had an old 3G with the screen broken maybe can I take the wifi antenna or the jack assembly from it?

yes there is a difference in that. i use pure alcohol, that means 100% alcohol and no water, 70% means 30% water. the jack assembly is the same and the gps antenna looks also alike

Hi, I cleaned everything with alcohol and then replace the jack assembly and wifi antenna taken on an old 3G. Everything works now! Good luck!

+ great you fixed it, thanks for the answer it'll help others


dimitrios stamatis from greece

for the 3gs no wifi problem after water damage this is the solution for me fix this line in the photo and all working wifi and bluetooth,i hope to help[]


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+ do you have a view of the whole board with this area highlighted? it'll give people an idea of where you have repaired...

if someone can upload a high resolution photo of the logic board i will do that.i dont have any good picture of this repair.


i dropper mine in a bathub of water yesterday, the lcd was weird, the speakers were'nt working, and nor was the wifi., mine is good as new now, here's wat i did:

dont turn it on, i did, but luckily it didnt short curcit.

dry it with a towel then immetialy dry it with a hair dryer, concentrating most on the headphone jack and speakers.

keep it in a bowl of uncooked rice, keep for atleast 24 ( i kept it for 17 hours )

take a thin piece of tissue, wrap the heaphone's plug, and with the tissue, plug it in the headphone jack. twist a little, then take out.

if it doesnt work, blow in the headphone jack with ur mouth.

hope it helps :)


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I recently have this problem too with my iphone 4 which cause by water damage via home button.. many people say it is the headphone jack problem..

but after sending it at the shop for repair, it is actually my dock connector error and got it replace...

the no sound happens because my iphone recognize it as using dock speaker, so it mutes all the sound except ringtones.

so probably you want to have a look at your dock connector.


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