The Kindle Touch (D01200) is 4th generation of Kindle e-readers produced by Amazon. There is Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi/3G capability, all uploads are done by USB cable. It has 4 GB of storage and two months of battery life.

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My power/lock-unlock button doesn't work

The button that power on and lock/unlock the device doesn't work. This can be fixed?

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There seems to be an answer here....

looks like a de-assemble does the the trick.


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I reset my Kindle 4 times, (full factory), and presto, the power button is now working... I was ready to take it apart...

I reset my Kindle 3 times, (full factory), and presto, the power button is now working... I was ready to take it apart... Thanks Steve!

Partial disassemble + tightening 2 black screws at the bottom (4:19 in the video) solved problem for me.

Neither resetting a bunch nor just tightening those screws worked for me, but I disassembled a bit more and my button starting working again.


On the off chance anyone else still has one of these in 2018, I had this same problem with a non-working power button. I verified the Kindle worked fine by removing and replacing the battery (it rebooted as expected).

I then had to fully disassemble it to start playing around with the power button. I noticed it worked, but only if I squeezed on the right side (screen facing up) of the USB micro input. I tried screwing down as hard as I felt comfortable on the two screws either side of the home button. Still, the power button only worked intermittently. I deduced it needed more pressure for whatever contact is between the switch and motherboard. So, I added the nearest spacer I could find: I peeled off one of the rubber pads from the inside of the back cover, cut it in half, then placed both halves just below the screw on the right side. I reassembled everything and voila, this old clunky e-reader is still chugging along.

I didn't investigate the actual cause of the problem since I was too lazy to remove the motherboard. But I'm okay with a little mystery.


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In my case squeezing or pushing on the bezel above the power button did make the power button responsive. So solving the problem is definitely about some pressure/tightening in the area of the button.

Thanks to all of you for this great device saving hint!


My kindle touch has the same problem now.

Going to deassemble it to try....

Although my new kindle paperwhite is on its way....


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you should buy a new one is only $60


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I think the name of the website is ifixit... emmm... i... fixit? With all respect of course.



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