Thermal Sensor compatibility for Western Digital HDD

The HDD in my iMac 21.5" failed recently and I have decided to upgrade it to a 1TB HDD. Read up iFixit and it says that the WD Blue HDD compatible with the iMac. Went ahead with the replacement but the thermal sensor for the Seagate HDD (the one that came with the iMac) was using the 4-bit connector to the HDD whereas the WD is using a 8-bit connector. May I know is there any work around for the fix of this? Is there a need to purchase a separate 8-bit connector?

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Can you take a picture of the connector you are speaking about of both the cable and the HD (both old & new) also can you give us the model numbers of both drives as well and post it in your question (go into edit mode).


Maybe we can help sort it out. This blog is staffed by volunteers. If you want to return the drive you should have the info on the packing list on how.