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Reprogramming the NAND Flash and device ID on iPhone and iPad

I am wondering if anyone has done it. The Apple projected their sales on iPhone over 24Mil device more than before. All I can see the trend started after iCloud activation lock is introduced. There are hundreds of thousands of bricked iPhones sitting around or may be taken apart as no one care.

I am wondering if it is possible to change the device ID and IMEI to make the system think it is a new device. That will get those phones back to use again.

I feel like we are just screwing each other while those billion dollar corporations and wealthy people were getting richer every day.

I lost two phones and one was stolen from my car but I did not bother to lock it. I just wiped it and let it go as I already knew there is no way I will get those phones back. So let it sit somewhere in the closet or the person stole my phone will sell it to pay for food or shelter or drug or what ever. At least it will still be useful.

Long story short, have anyone done it and if so how it come out? I am just curious before I spend money for the programmers and screw myself with junks.

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i want to Remove iCloud issue of my iPhone 5s 64gb

Would replacing the nand chip do the job or would I have to replace the full logic board on an iPhone X?

yes it is possible but I think you have to change the logic board or at least the processor.

Have you done it? If I am going to change the logic board I don't have to reprogram the NAND Flash. The processor is not in the option and it does not store any data.

works if i use 5s nand (no icloud) and put inside air 1 directly?



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If there is no factory activation log on the server, Apple simply refuses to activate this product altogether, so just making up a new device ID cannot work.

You can swap chips from another clean but broken device and assume identity of that device to activate, however you have to swap all major chips together since they are encrypted and matched to each other on both local and server end. Breaking these pairings will likely result in refused activation or immediate bricking.

However there has been recorded events of new (not icloud locked) devices been locked by someone else, because iPhone 4 has been hacked enough to reprogram IMEI and other internal IDs. So malicious users can obtain IMEI/serial pairs, use the hacked iPhone 4 to trick icloud to lock other new and not locked devices, then scam money from the victims.


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That mean there will be more paper weights and I am still wondering why people don't just wipe the phone if they lost it. If it is locked, I cannot get my phone back and another person cannot use it either. The real winner is Apple as it will sell more devices. I bought a lot of electronics in an auction and there was about 300 iPhones and over 100 were activation locked. So who take the lost and who is the winner?

I lost 3 phones last year alone and I just wipe it and removed iCloud after a week since there is no way for me to get them back. Might as well make it useful for anyone stole it or found it or bought it.

Of course I agree with you @tomchai but he's got a point. The landfill, bro. The landfill! Why so much garbage in our orbit!?! It's there. Humans constantly waste, that's all they ever do. And then complain when it's too dirty you made it, the mess that you're upset about. You made it human. We gotta get some of these phones sorted, and find a way to protect the public

Just replace the entire i.O.S with Ubuntu i.O.S 10 update...It will wipe out the entire operating system with a Linux System, it should still be able to operate Apple Apps if done correctly...I did one of my Android phones and it worked flawlessly...So don't believe all the bull *hit you may read...what do you got to lose??? Its Fu*ken Apple to begin with...

$1000 paperweight, like the sound of that.

There is a very good reason to brick stolen iPhones by locking them. It greatly reduces the temptation to steal one. This STILL happens, and WILL happen - but the statistics clearly shows this keeps iPhone thefts low. Stealing an iPhone you take some risk - to be caught, or followed (by way of Find-my-iPhone). This risk only pays off if you can use or sell the stolen device. If you have 70% chance of NOT being able to do so - you're left with just the RISK but without the BENEFIT.

So - I bricked each and every stolen iDevice I know of - and will keep doing so.

If an iDevice is lost - you can leave a message to the finder with your phone number or other means to contact the owner and return the device to them. So - locking and bricking a device, is in reality, kept only for thieves.

This has nothing to do with Apple, or iOS - it's plain morals.


yes its possible, did it on iphone 5/5c/5s/6/6s/7/ipads upto air2 already, works flawless.

you only need to change the SN of the NAND, the rest you can leave as it is read from the programmer.

You just need to understand the SN nomenclature, all you have to do is change an "1" to "i" or "0" to "O" etc.

Anyone saying its impossible or BS, have a great time buying now phones :)


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Could you explain a bit more? I've got a locked 6 for parts and like to try this out.

So the question is what(tools/software) is needed to change the SN of the NAND?

Also I don't get this line "You just need to understand the SN nomenclature, all you have to do is change an "1" to "i" or "0" to "O" etc."

Any help is appreciated.

Yes, interested to know this too ..

Jacub, firstly you need to be able to desolder the NAND chip from the mainboard, this is done with a hot air gun @ 380° celcius. Secondly, you need soldering paste + flux ( not soldering wire ) and a metal soldering frame to lineup the NAND for reballing the chip.

When desoldered the NAND chip, clean it up free from flux and soldering leftovers. the nyou need to put it in a programmer like the Wozniak 3000 or the P1000 S. these can be obtained from china f.e. Alibaba webshop. Along with the programmer you need the right NAN holder, these differs between 32b/64b/PCI-E so for each kind of chip you need its specific NAND holder.

then you can read the SN, MLB, IMEI, WIFI + BT Mac address and so on from the chip you desoldered. There you can simply change the SN of the NAND Chip but leave the rest of the data intact. The serial number build-up is allways in a certain order for each type of device, you can f.e. change 1 figure or letter from the last part of the SN of an Iphone 6, or the first part of an Ipad air.

Thank you xafman for taking time to clarify the process.Now it's getting clear to me.

But what about the eeprom and baseband chips? I don't know what others keep telling we need to change them as well. The seller at Alibaba has in their description the NAND is for storage expansion only and for icloud: "Notice: CPU+eeprom+baseband+nand flash chip for iCloud unlock".

Will replacing the NAND alone unlock the icloud?

I noticed there are programmed NAND chips out there on ebay for around 10$. So "programmed" means they have already a new SN and IMEI on them right?

I'm wondering if they'll work because that way we can save a lot we would otherwise have to spend on a programming tool.

Cheers mate.

Some forum say iOS 11 activation with UDID, any change with SN/BT udid will change and not activate maybe , Somebody confirm???? I did not test.



Yes and no. For 5s and older, you have to change the baseband, NAND and the baseband prov. On newer ones you change those plus the CPU and ram. So, yes, it is possible, just extremely hard.


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And costly! So why go to the trouble?

@danj if it was a 7 or a 6s, I would do it. For anything older, not worth it.

Not possible! the 6 onward have TouchID. Throw in the towel ;-} Apple did a very good job to prevent phone theft.

@danj Bring it to Apple afterward and say Touch ID won't work

They'll smell the switch-a-rio - No dice



Its possible but not with any methods mentioned so far.


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If you got a 300 $$$ or up, find a site that will do it all for a small price...trust me when i say this...I personally hacked a couple of phones, its not worth the headache, that is if you want the challenge...


Yes, you can do it, for the 32 bits and 64 bits, the thing is you need a compatible or programmed Nand, baseband and eeprom and they have to be from the same board in that way you have to solder again in the new PCB and in that way it will work. For the WIFI products like iPads and iPods only changing the Nand will work, and YES there's a special tool to reprograming the imei, and yes you can create a new completely imei and still would activate in the activation process.


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I know we are saying that it's good theft provention by Apple but there are more and more instances where people are being held at knife point and forced to unlock and wipe their phones before they are stollen

So maybe not a good idea

I think if a phone is not reported as stolen apple should unlock it


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