Power button doesn't work, computer starts but shuts down on load

I'm having some strange issues with my Macbook after switching the Magsafe power jack.

Ok, so with the battery charged and the power cable connected, I'm unable to turn it on. If I unplug the battery and power cable, and then plug the cable back in, the computer automatically turns on. It begins loading and I get the Apple logo with the Yosemite loading bar. It loads to about 1/4 and then shuts off. Then I'm unable to turn it on until repeating that process. I'm also not sure if the keyboard is working. The backlight and capslock light do not turn on.

I originally had an SSD in the computer which was working fine before the repair, but now I get the missing drive symbol when it's connected. The above situation is with my old hard drive connected.

My only problem before this was that the power jack was broken, so I took the jack out of another Macbook.

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