The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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That mysterious rattling noise...

Every Xbox 360 I have ever come into contact with has a very distinct rattling noise . It sounds like a screw or spring is rattling back and forth, but doesn't have any adverse effects on the performance of the console. I have isolated it to something on the logic board, and I am sure that there is nothing "floating" around the inside of the console.

So, does anyone know what could be the source of this most enigmatic rattle?

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My xbox 360 is making a loud vibrating noise and i dont know what is causing it can someone please help

@ don kraken and anyone else who has similar noises.

I too have this vibration noise almost as if a piece of plastic is loose inside the case or a screw is loose. I noticed it started happening the first one I played Titanfall, which was today, and is now happening with every game I play. My console has always say flat, I noticed today that when the noise starts if I put pressure on the back right side of the case it goes away. My console is the R2D2 one as well and was bought brand new. I don't play my Xbox much as you can tell, seeing as today was the first day I have played titanfall. Lol

The noise is driving me nuts though and if anyone has any ideas or knows how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated!

I think it's the optical drive laser reading disc info.

My Xbox 360 lite blues fan is making a dodgy noise. Is it a result of continuous overheating? Or is it something different?


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It's a small sensor on the mainboard that detects whether the console is in its horizontal or vertical position. The sensor is used to display the ring of light in the correct orientation. For example, if you have your console flat on your desk, your top left (I think) light will glow. Without the sensor, if you turn your console into its vertical position, the same light will still be glowing. With the sensor it changes so that the top left light is always glowing, whichever way the console is sat.


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Wow! Thanks. That totally makes sense. Great answer.

thanks,was wondering if i'd broken something but couldn't find it!

Thats not it. At least not im my xbox. The cooling fan is on a spring and as it spins it bounces up and down. Ive tried to fix it but havent found a solution yet

I thought i broke it

PHEW i dripoend my xbox from a 2 foot fall and i thought it was broken must be av cables bc the video is not working thanks so much


its a small gold ball in a verry small black box on the xbox that sits be hind the ir censer (not rf board) it can easily be seen from the 4 gold legs that are soldered in to the mother board (i only know this from when i salvaged parts from my xbox and i cut it open to find out :D)


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Can you provide a pic of it? or tell where exactly does it sit on the board, Coz I am having problem in that sensor. I have opened my console but couldn't find one


I have been suffering a similar issue for the past six months. My old xbox 360 slim(3 years) began to make some horrid noises. They began as minor vibratory noises only occurring once in a while. It soon developed into a loud constant sequence of noises that fluctuated in nature(almost like a snoring person but more sporadic). presuming my old xbox was toast i decided to order a refurbished collectible r2d2 xbox 360 slim. To my surprise my new xbox began making the basic noise within a day of use. Pressing the frame or adjusting the tilt of my xbox helps, this makes me think it has to do with the frame. or a part that is not actively fitted in the refurbishing department or becomes loose after extended use. It could be that one of the disc drive's screws is loose and vibrates when active. or it could be a loose bolt or plastic piece in the frame reverberating when the console vibrates. Clearly it is something that gets overlooked in the refurbishing. A natural humming noise from a motherboard is understandable, but this level of noise is not. and pressing on the xbox should not make any change for the mother board. reorienting it would more likely make an extreme noise if this was the case, it does not, and actually fixes the problem for a short time. This could be because the loose screw is now reoriented for gravity to help stabilize it or the change in position fixes it in place for a short time. There has to be another or multiple sources of the dreaded noise. I plan to get a tool kit to take my older baby apart. Maybe i can figure out whats the issue is. and at any rate i will tighten everything down, make sure its secure, and maybe that is all that needs to be done. pressing on the edges of my xbox seems to make the most difference in noise quality. It would make a lot of sense that the refurbishing department would rush their fixes and potentially not tighten everything down as much as they need. Thanks for reading and remember this is all speculation and theory.


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