Apple 发布了 MacBook Pro 15 寸配备 Retina 显示屏,拥有 2880 x 1800 分辨率。

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MacBook Water Damage Repair


I've got a water-damaged 2012 15" Macbook Pro Retina. It doesn't do anything when you try and power it on, but it does seem to accept charge when you plug the magsafe charger in, as the orange light comes on.

I've seen replacement logic boards on ebay and tempted to try and fix it. Does anyone have any advice before I buy the replacement board? I dont want to spend £350+ on a logic board in case it doesnt fix the problem, or somehow damage the new board when re-powering up the laptop.



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Where was the liquid spilled? On the bottom, keyboard, or somewhere else?

From underneath, through the side cooling vents

without the ability to repair the board. You wont have much option other than replacing the board. You could open it and look for corrosion and try cleaning it with 99% rubbing alcohol and a soft brush.

Already tried to clean the board with rubbing alcohol, but it didnt work. If I buy a replacement board and fit it, is there any risk of blowing the new board when I power it up? Also, is there likely to be any damage to the screen etc, or should the board replacement fix the issue?

Only chance of doing damage again with a new board would be if you have damaged parts other than the board.


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If someone is selling used but in working condition logic board in an affordable price, that would be the best option. You would not damage anything else replacing logic board as long as you are careful and work safely on ESD maintained table. Just make sure that your body current or your body/clothes static doesn't get discharged on IO board or on any other exposed components of your Mac.

Or you can also use logic board replacement service that would be cheaper than buying used logic boards. Hope it helps.


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Even if you find a working logic board, you should make sure that any connector/plug pins ( eg which connect to the motherboard (eg: Screen connector, HDD connector, or battery connector) have not shortened out. If these pins are damaged, then you might have to consider replacing these connectors as well. Also, check whether the battery is in not affected by your water damage


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