The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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#SM-S975L LCD/Digitizer/Bezel Needed - Walmart/Straight Talk Galaxy S4

I am needing a replacement LCD/Digitizer/Bezel for my Samsung Galaxy S4 SM-S975L Straight Talk (Tracfone is parent company) phone. I can find replacements for other Galaxy S4 GSM models, but not this one. I appreciate any information you can provide!

  1. What other Galaxy S4 model LCD/Digitizer/Bezel would work on the SM-S975L?
  2. Do you know the specific part number for the SM-S975L LCD/Digitizer/Bezel? I have the original/broken assembly in my hand, and can not find any identifiable part numbers.

Samsung says they don't support it and Straight Talk does. Straight Talk says they don't support it...

I appreciate any information you can provide... thanks!

Chris Kneibert

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SGH-I337 (AT&T)- Compatible with SGH-M919 (T-Mobile) is the model.


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Did it work? I have a Straight Talk Samsung S4 SM-S975L. Is this what you have, also?

I would like to know if the above mentioned are compatible with Straight Talk Samsung S4 SM-S975L as well.

Yes, it is the same.

This is exactly what I need! Mr. Kneibert, where would one find this screen and digitizer for my son's Galaxy S4? Thank you for your help!

SGH-I337 (AT&T)- Compatible with SGH-M919 (T-Mobile) is the model..... so these two models are compatible with the straight talk sm-s975l for replacement parts? a little confused


What does the home button cable look like? That will dictate which screen you need. The short cable is ATT /TMobile the Long is Verizon/Sprint


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So will the ATT "standard" S4 screen assembly work on this one? If so, you made my day!

It is the short one - ATT/TMobile

It should if its the Short cable for the home button. The longer cable goes a little past half way up the battery.

They didnt make any other style screen that I know of.

Would you agree: The GSM (ATT, Tmobile) models i9500 i9505 i337 M919 should work?

I found this: it is the frame that makes i9500 i9505 i337 M919 L720 and i545 LCD Screen different. This means the LCD Display and touch screen are both compatible for all these Galaxy S4 models. The only difference is the front frame and home flex cable.



will the ATT / T-Mobile LCD with Frame work for the Straight Talk Samsung S4 SM-S975L. are the frames the same?


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There saying the frame will fit. The only difference appears to be the home button. If it is shorter then use the att or t mobile version. If it's longer then use the verizon one. If you use the straight talk version, then get the att/ t mobile version.

Update (06/13/2016)

I can confirm that the straight talk lcd replacement is this one. ( ) I just fixed up a sm-s975 using that part and it works.

Best of luck to you


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