I got not network signal

my ZTE Zmax after used up data. I can not go to internet so that I use wifi go to internet, but after I use wifi about 40 minutes. The 4G network signal got X marking on the signal flag. After that I can not use 4G or 3G or 2G network network signal anymore. Please help.

Thank you

I unlock it to use ultra mobile service, after I got no net work signal I put in original metropcs sim card to it to testing it, but both metropcs & ultra mobile sim card can not get any network signal.

Please help

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I'm having a similar situation but I can't get wi fi to I think someone hacked my phone


I too facing the same problem in my ZTE Zmax 2 mobile, the same issue with Ultra mobile sim card... i too dont know what to do...


yeah i can't get signal to the Internet


Hi Belinda Bethlin,

Do you mean the network signal (i.e. cannot make/receive a phone call) or as stated you have no internet access from the phone either via WiFi or the phone network?

Can you send /receive MMS texts OK (texts with video or pictures)?

If not, have you checked that the data connection in the phone has been enabled? Go to Home >Settings >Wireless and Networks > more > data connection.

If you mean that you cannot get a WiFi signal, is the WiFi turned on and are there any networks appearing in the WiFi list?