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How's your battery doing after roughly two years?

I bought a mid-13 Air 13" in August 2013, really enjoyed the battery life. For the first year or so, I was getting crazy battery life, 10+ hrs., despite what I was doing (mostly lots of multitasking with Chrome and Pages/Preview/other documents). Now, after 595 charge cycles, even just with Preview w/ 1 document and 2 tabs in Chrome (multiple power-saving plugins), my battery percentage is dropping from 100% to 78-82% after two hours. It seems like everything is killing my battery faster.

I haven't gotten to a critical point yet, but while iStat Menus says my battery health is 93% (corroborated with battery's remaining mAh), my battery isn't acting that healthy. Anybody have other insights on this? How's your battery doing now?

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When it was new, its maximum capacity was probably higher than its advertised capacity, it was probably around 105% or so (which would have been reported as 100%). Now you're at 93% so you've lost about 12% which is not bad; it means that the battery is of good quality and is holding up well.

Chrome uses a lot more battery than Safari. Tabs that aren't doing much can still take a lot of battery.

If you're not using Chrome for a little while, close it down by typing COMMAND-Q.

You don't have to close down other apps like Preview, Microsoft Word, etc, you can just leave them open, they don't eat your battery if they're just sitting there. But you do want to close down Chrome when you're not using it. If you click on Activity Monitor, click on CPU, and you're just looking at that window, you want to see that the CPU is about 98% idle.

To get the advertised battery life I have to (a) use Safari, and (b) turn off flash for almost all websites.


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