Goes in sleepmode after start, SMC restart works, but now what?

Hey guys and gals!

A year ago i spilled water on my macbook pro and just recently i thought that i would try to solve it. I cleaned the Logic-board several times with isopropanol och brushed away the corrosion(it was very little corrosion) and reassembled the computer.

Where im at right now is that i can start up the computer. I dont have backlight on the screen ( but working, i can see it using a flashlight) Sometimes i get this screen : This But usually i get the login page where you type in the password. I can only type in 2-3 characters then the screen fades away and the computer goes in to "sleep mode". If i press the power button i get back to the login page and the same procedure follows.

Do you think its some circuit problem on the logic board or is it something else?

The magsafe DC-in board seems to work and the battery as well. I can charge it.

I got the Macbook pro 13" late 2011.

(sorry for the bad english, im swedish)

UPDATE I tried to reset the SMC and then start it up and it dosn´t go in to sleep mode. What can be wrong?

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Real bummer that i can not get an answer from you guys. But anyways, I tried to do the SMC reset and then it didnt go to sleep mode! but i also figured out that my keyboard inst working like its supposed to. Some keys dosnt work