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Keyboard not lighting up

HI all,

I recently had to open up my macbook pro, when putting it back together think I have missed reconnecting the cable which lights up the keyboard, the only cable I think I might have missed is in the attached picture, does anyone know what i might need to do to fix this, I am sure its simple, I just cant seem to find where I need to look., the brown thin cable in the middle is the only one which I can't see where it plugs into, if it does at all

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Thankyou :-)

You're welcome! As I said, check back in once you've tried it, and let us know whether that fix solves the problem.


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I'm not sure what instructions you used to get the system open, but one iFixit guide that covers the separate keyboard and backlight connectors is the Upper Case Replacement. The keyboard assembly is part of the upper case; the separate backlight and keyboard connectors connect to sockets on the opposite side of the logic board from the upper case, where they're hidden under a metal cover. You have to remove the cover to see the connectors.

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Late 2011 Upper Case Replacement

Follow the disassembly steps up through the linked sections (Steps 15-20), and then reverse them to reassemble. Try that, and let us know whether anything changes.


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It worked :-) if you get the chance have a look at the art initiative I run.



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