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Buff out small scratches/dings on the front panel?

Is there a way to "buff out" small to medium dings and scratches on the front panel? It seems a shame to replace the front panel since there is no degradation of sensitivity.

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By front panel, do you mean the glass?


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ICE cream for macs and applesauce are 2 good polishes that might do the trick


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Great suggestions! Thanks.


I use either an Auto Wax (like Johnson Autopudding) to clean and seal surfaces (careful about residue!) and lately PLEXUS for acrylics etc.

Plexus does not turn to dust- so no dusty white residue in areas I can't get to remove


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OK, I know this might sound weird, but I have used Brasso to clean scratches and scuffs off perspex/plexi windows.

Apply the Brasso in sections using just your index finger. Create a wet slurry and rub in the direction of the scratches until it begins to dry. Then add some more brasso and apply with the finger again. After doing a section, gently wash off the Brasso with a damp sponge...do this a number of times. The area looks foggy but can now be buffed clean with a microfibre cloth (the kind used for eyeglasses, etc.). If a scuff or scratch persists, work on that area again.

I have been successful with everything from eyeglasses to the cover on my B&O stereo. But be careful and use this at your own risk!


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I have successfully repaired scratches on my iPod and HTC Evo 4G screens using a buffing compound specific to touch screen panels. They have different types depending upon the material that composes the screen so newer products with gorilla glass are repairable as well. Here's what they have available...

TDI-LLC Resurfacing Compounds

You can find many forum posts regarding different creative ways to make the scratches more noticeable, but I have found their polishing compound to work wonders for me. It ended the my guessing game by simply working.


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