No Data When Using 4g (Only LTE & Wifi)

Good Morning!

The issue I am experiencing is exactly this, my newly "Sim'd", newly restored, iPhone 5 for some reason all the sudden will absolutely not connect to the "Cellular Data Network" when on 4G, however it works great when I turn LTE on (which I usually keep off for battery purposes).

Anyone have any ideas as to what I need to replace to get this working?

PS - Experienced IT professional, worked with ATT already to verify phone provision settings are correct and the correct profile is being pushed out for phone...

I just don't wanna drop $5billion on a new shiny piece of metal

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Quick question, anyone know what piece of hardware controls the switching between networks? Is that the logic board?

When I am on LTE I get an IP (verified through "Status" app)

When I am on 4G my phone won't pull an IP, ever, I left my phone on for 24 hours, 4G only, absolutely no data came through.

And iFixit - If you have the hardware that would allow me to correct this issue, I would happily purchase anything you recommend