Unveiled at the 2000 North American International Auto Show on January 10, 2000, the redesigned 2001 Dodge Caravan and 2001 Chrysler Town & Country were released for sale in August 2000.

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won't start, no power to anything

I have a 2002 Dodge Caravan when I turn the Key to start I get nothing, no lights, no nothing

if the key is in the on or off position still nothing, no dash lights no headlights no nothing.

nothing also with a battery charger on the battery.

I've removed the cables to clean them but still nothing

we drove it to the store last night and back no problems,

got home turned it off went to start it this morning and there was a fast clicking sound coming from the back of the motor compartment. tried to start it, nothing no noise at all even the clicking stopped. turn the key off and the clicking started up again I figured the batt. was dead so I charged it. still nothing.

the cables were dirty so I took them off and cleaned them, still nothing.

but after I put the cables back on the fast clicking was not there no more. and the key was beeping. as soon as I tried to start it everything went off and nothing again

what could be wrong

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Brand new battery, had to use the key to open the door and charging the battery doesn't help. Key is stuck in the ignition still.


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This sounds like a very dead battery to me. Of course it will run after it is started, the current is provided bt the alternator. If the battery has caps on it, remove them and check the cells to see if they are properly filled with distilled water. Then run your trickle charger on it for a few hours. If it is a sealed battery, replace it.


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I've charged the battery and it hasn't changed anything

no lights won't turn over no lights no nothing...

even with the battery charger on boast it still has nothing.

I mean it's like the battery is out of the car but it's all hooked up right

OK you were right I replaced the battery and it now works like it should,



Glad I could help.

I heard if you stand in the drivers door way and jump up and down and rock the van back and forth real hard, with the key on it will start.

they say it's a ground problem and this will get you going



One summer at Jackson Hole I noticed various helpful locals try to get a truck started owned by two just graduated college ladies. They ran a charger over to it, jumped it with jumpers, and measured it with a voltmeter. The battery was at full voltage. The headlights worked OK. When everybody finished shoulder shrugging, packed up and left, I asked the ladies what the story was. It was a new battery that somebody sold them about a week earlier and it worked fine usually, but not always. I grabbed the battery cable connectors and tried to twist them. I easily pulled one cable off. The ladies had some tools including a proper wrench. Truck started right up.

Connections are the electrical problem about 70% of the time.


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Where is the relay located?

If in fire box, what is the label?


Fuse box.....


You have a relay issue, that’s why you’ve heard the fast clicking noise.


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How do I figure out what relay is bad?

Did u figure out how to test the relays

Can anyone help pls, I’ve got a 2009 Dodge Journey, it’s been stood about 3 months as it ran out of m.o.t and needed some minor work, when I came to start it again there was nothing so I believed battery had gone flat because of it have been started for a while, so I called the AA to come sort it, it would start with a battery pack but not enough to keep it running when it was taken off, so bought a new battery and got it fitted a week later, but now it makes the normal noise when a door is open but now no dash lights and no sign of starting at all, as I live in uk not many mechanics seem to know anything about these cars, could this be the computer not reading properly since having new battery fitted, it’s driving me mad x


Pretty sure if you check your fuse box there are some fuses one black a couple yellows the black fuses for a temporary parking so that there's no drain on your battery underneath that black cover is the fuse that controls your dash lights in the clock check that one and that should probably clear it up

Update (03/13/2019)

The fuses are designed to pull partially out so that the fuse does not get lost not sure what the yellow one do but the black plastic cover one controlled the dash lights the radio and cigarette lighter on 2000 Dodge Dakota


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Thank you, il give this a try tomorrow, mine is a Dodge Journey act, I’m in the uk and no one here seems to know anything about them, it’s very strange because the week before it started with a battery boost pack, so bought a new battery and now no start nothing, not even no clicking sound when I turn the key, I have put a new battery in key as well with no luck, sometimes it says on dash badkey but it was fine the week before



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