This laptop from HP was released in November of 2011. It has a 17.3" display and and comes in either silver or nero black. A notable feature of this model is its dual subwoofer sound system.

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Why isn't my computer turning on?

I'm pushing the power button, but nothing is happening.

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Your battery might be dead. Try plugging your charger in to your computer and then turning it on again. If that works, you might just need to charge your battery. If you have your charger in and the computer turns on but the battery isn't actually storing any power, you will need to replace your battery. There is a guide for replacing a battery at the following link:

HP Envy 17-3070nr Battery Replacement

If using the charger doesn't fix the problem and you know the charger isn't broken, then try referring to the troubleshooting page for this laptop at the following link:

HP Envy 17-3070nr Troubleshooting


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Sometimes this computer's power lock can be enabled due to some fault, to unlock it, simply press and hold both the power button and beats button at the same time.


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