Double/triple click issue on left button.

Hello. I am having issues with left button on roccat kone max+. When i click once it double/triple clicks.I believe you will find me a solution for it :) Thanks in advance.

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this video/guide helped me fix my mouse back to normal operation.

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1) Start --> Control Panel ---> find the mouse icon ----> change the double click speed to slow

2) most of faults coming from micro switch which is under left key, you can safely tear-down the key and there is a narrow bent small copper plate and the flexibility of it


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Hello thanks for answer, i have tried that like this on the video :

but this aint working again :/ any idea ?

found this :

will try to fix it with this :)))

That is what i was taking about in option 2


I have been through 6 ROCCAT Gaming Mouse[s] in the past 3 years. They always end up with double or even triple click when pressing the LEFT mouse button.

On the other hand, I had a "cheapo" Wireless Mouse [NOT a gaming mouse] that lasted me roughly 6 years, and can 'still' use it if i want but, I already spent money on this ROCCAT and it's time to RMS [again].

Someone else had posted that ROCCAT Gaming Mouse[s] were prone to be defective within the first year due to poor quality mouse clicking functionality. I don't know how true this is but, I have already started to lean on the side of poster.

PS: Anyone know of a fix to this issue?


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this part inside the mouse eventually wears down with lots of use. all mice that use this type of switch will have this problem.

after going through like 3 razer deathadders i started using this, asus rog gladius. easily replaceable switches.

bitcoin address if you found this helpful: 15CvjvJidUuPKjFg9fgsCBBChxwtjfPRtg



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