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Is my replacement Lcd Panel matte or glossy!?

Macbook Pro 17" Unibody Early 2011 A1297 i7 Antiglare

I bought a replacement lcd panel for my Early 2011 17" Macbook Pro 2.3ghz i7 Antiglare but no one can tell if my replacement panel is indeed a true matte screen compared to the original damaged screen.

I made sure the serial numbers match before buying and they are

Damaged screen : LTN170CT10-G04 (no mention of manufacturer)

Replacement screen : LTN170CT10-G04 but also stated LP171WU6-TLB2 manufactured by LG.

I've attached some photos of a side by side comparison where the new replacement screen is already assembled on the left and the damaged panel on the right, I'm in the opinion that it the new panel is reflecting a lot more than my damaged panel ever did. It looks smooth and glossy from certain angles but also matte from some angles. I also note that reflections are a lot more defined than in my damaged screen. I could make out trees, window blinds, buildings while you couldn't really make out anything from the damaged screen.

I enquired with the panel supplier and he is in the opinion that they are both matte screens just that the one is newer and more recent than the older one.

Thoughts anyone?

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Matte is usually considered to be anything that isn't straight up glass. From your photos, it looks like the replacement is indeed a matte finish. I can see how it's a lot more reflective than the other, but I think it's still considered matte.


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